I am well over 70 and have been married to Cliff for nearly 55 years. I have one very good son, a wonderful daughter-in law and one very beloved granddaughter.

As I get older, I find myself slowing down and stiffening somewhat, so my computer-and the internet- has replaced the knitting and designing I used to enjoy, just as walking
Gi-Gi, who you'll meet later, has replaced the ballroom dancing.
I still, however write poetry.

Some of my poems are family involved but only in a satirical way and my animal poems are written as though the animal is telling the story. I hope that whoever visits this site will enjoy the variety of poems. You will notice that I already have one or two guest poems mixed in with my own. If you would like a poem posted here, email ME.

As a WWII evacuee, I have always been interested in the war and the life on the Home Front, and, once on the internet, I joined the Evacuees Registry. Since then, I have been able to help students with the dissertations for their degrees, and visit schools to tell the children stories of life during the war.

From this interest came the idea for my new websites, one of which is to commemorate the 60th D-Day Anniversary, and the other to describe aspects of daily life on the Home Front. They are well worth a visit (well,I think so!) and I have links on the next page.

Sit back and relax and I hope you enjoy your visit. Please follow Gi-Gi to the next page.

God Bless You All.

May I Have A Bit Please Mum?

My name is Gi-Gi, and I am a Cairn Terrier.
There are poems here about me that my Mum has written.
I hope you enjoy them.
If you click on me, I'll take you to the poems!
New ones were uploaded on 21/8/2004

Thank you For Visiting My Site. Please Call Again.